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Saturday, 19 January 2013

31 day 19..your favourite polish

Yay day 19 and today is 'your favourite polish'.  Now come on guys, asking what your favourite polish is, is like asking what your favourite song is.....impossible to decide!!

So i went back to when i fell in love with indie polishes, and my first love was Girly Bits polish, and i believe daddy's little girl was my first. I spied this one and instantly fell in love with it, and i shared the love with my sister who also snapped up a bottle, i remember us taking out kids swimming and sitting on the sidelines admiring this polish!

I am ashamed i have only wore this once so its my pleasure to crack it open again and gaze at its splendour!  Girly bits remains one of my all time favourite indie brands...not one of Pams creations i haven't fallen for which is why i own so many! And with cracking this bad boy open i have fallen in love all over again...Pam Pam Pam i love ya!

DLG is a beautiful mix of sky blue, brighter blue, fuchsia and purple glitters in a tinted blue base.  I chose to layer this over Barry M Blackberry.  Perfection, even if i do say so myself!  This is 2 coats.  You can buy Pams wonderful creations here at her Big Cartel site or here at Llarowe. xxxxx


  1. Thank you SO much! I am thrilled that you love it that much. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pics.

    1. no, thank YOU for making such awesome polishes, you remain one of my firm favourites in the indie world, thank you for stopping by Pam xxxx