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Thursday, 3 January 2013

How Mimi fix's her nail splits! Tutorial!

Right last post of the day guys and now i am thinking i would show you something different.  I am always asked if my nails are real and how i keep them so long.  I am very lucky to be able to grow my nails to a long length..its in the genes as all my family have good  strong nails...   I am now letting you guys into my holy grail in keeping my nails long....i have been waiting for ages to show you this...waiting for a split...and today  it happened.  I was uber careful all day and now i am going to give you a blow by blow instruction on how you can save your nail.

I use THE AMAZING  IBD 5 second can buy it here.  You will need a nail glue (pref a brush on), a buffing block and a nail file.

OK so you remove all traces of polish...make sure your nail plate is nice and clean and free of any debris and oils (i always give my nails a quick once over with acetone first)  Apply a thin layer of glue over the split.  (FYI you could opt to cover the entire nail with glue depending on your preference and the severity of the split.
sorry about the angle of the picture...oops!!

Whilst the glue is still wet sprinkle a small amount of powder over the split/nail.

Apply another layer of glue over the powder and allow to dry.

When its dry the texture of the nail is rough to touch.  Grab your buffing block and buff until smooth taking care not to buff to much or you will weaken or even remove the join you have just created.
be sure to remove any debris like i have in my side walls and cuticle area! But you cant see any split now!

Wash hands and away you go! 
the same side view as in the first picture...see no split!!

again sorry about the 'wet look' of my skin...cuticle oil alert!

If this is done right this baby will hold out for ages so more seeing a split and thinking you need to trim them down to nothing! I really hope this is a help to someone.  Much Mimi love to you guys xxx


  1. LOL You & I do the same thing to repair nails 'cept I use the Orly powder. Great minds think alike! <3

  2. I do the same. I also have really strong nails. I think strong nail split further down., when they do split

  3. Hey Mimi!! I can't believe you just posted this. I split one of my nails today. :( I thought oh no, it's all the way up to my nail bed. THEN, I remembered I read about your post on fb. I have ordered your recommended powder from ebay and I'm going to buy my nail glue tomorrow. Now I just need to baby my nail until my powder arrives. Thank you so much my love, you have saved my swatching hand. xxxxx

    1. awwww patty, you are a super star! i really hope the powder works as well for you as it does for me...please do let me know how you find it and i REALLY hope your nail hlds up until it arrives! xxxxx