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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

31 day 23..inspired by nature

Hey chikka's, onto day 23 and todays theme is inspired by nature.

For my nature inspiration i wanted to use my little cavalier king Charles spaniel dog, Harry as inspiration, when i told my hubby what i wanted to do he said it wasn't technically nature....i disagreed as animals are nature..right?  I wasn't about to give up on my idea of including my beautiful Harry...i wanted to share him with you guys as he is just THE most special doggie, he is my bestist friend and i love him so so even though the dog i have painted on my nail isnt the exact same cavalier Harry is, my intentions are to pay homage to he is guys...just the cutest!

Never the less i thought about what he said and i always want to try and stick to the theme, so i rethought my idea and included a beautiful blue sky and roses in a Field....well its nature isn't it?

I also threw in some butterflies and a cute ladybird.  Well here we are guys hope you like it.


  1. Crazy amount of detail! Gorgeous!

  2. wow, this is awesome, you're really really good :D

  3. thank you my lovely, i really appreciate it;) xxx