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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

31 day challenge day 8..holo nails ninja polish strawberry n roses

Chikey its day 8 this is going so quick...I'm loving this challenge!!  So after yesterdays epic high for me with my skittle do i top that?  I was so proud of my creation yesterday purely because i remembered just a few short months ago i had a logo failure that i thought would have scared me off for it was such a high to see how cool they turned out. 

Obviously not everyday can be an outrageous nail's theme is more subtle with a theme of holo, flakie or duo chrome.  I have opted for holo nails purely because i have been itching to show you Ninja Polish Strawberry n Roses in her full glory.  This is a wow polish...guaranteed to make even a pink 'hater' become a 'lover'! 

It is THE most girly, pretty pink with a craaaaazy amount of rainbow holo that absolutely sparkles its ass off!  This polish should never be overlooked because once again Ninja Polish sparkles with her creations...awesome doesn't quite cover it to be honest!!  Application was amazing, you could easily build this polish without the need for undies..i used orly cotton candy as the undie..and i used 2 coats of S&R.  I then decided to add some cute butterflies and used the S&R in their wings.  For the thumb and ring finger nails i used essie blanc, and because pure white looks awful on my skin tone i toned it down with a coat french opal by Nina Pro. 

As always i hope you guys like these, see you tomorrow for day 9....check out the others xxxx


  1. cute butterflies, that red polish looks so much like one franken of mine ;)

    1. awww thank you sweetie, the polish is amazing xxx

  2. Those are some darling nails, dahling!