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Sunday, 20 January 2013

31 day challenge day 21 merge or melt

Merge or Melt? what's this? i hear you say. Well simply put its a manicure where the polishes mix together, in the form of a gradient, water colour, making your own franken polish etc, you get the idea.

You guys know me well enough to know i am a stickler for the rules for these challenges so i mixed my polishes together, done a gradient and mixed my acrylic paints myself...yes i am nothing but dedicated hehe. My colours i mixed together for the base was No 7 minty fresh (omg this colour is toooo cute...stay tuned cos that will for sure be making a comeback!) and Misa dirty, sexy, money.  I loved it enough just with these colours mixed, very chic!  I waited for this to dry then  sponged on Kiko 401.  Once dry i sponged on Nerd lacquer event horizon at the tips.  Yup, Mimi is happy so far!  I then 'sealed' the look with Sally Hansen hard as nails glitter top coat, then i threw on some Opi The Living Daylights to the ends of the nail.

I adored how The Living Daylights complimented the colour, i love this glitter much more than i ever thought i would...hence why you have seen it make an appearance on a few of my manicures recently on here.  I decided to 'funk' it up a little by adding some animal print to my ring and thumb finger.  I mixed a spearmint colour and white to achieve a light mint green which shows nicely on the nail.

I love how this mani turned out, i would definitely wear this again.  See you guys tomorrow! xxxxx


  1. I adore them so much. They are so lovely. Kisses.

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