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Monday, 28 January 2013

31 day challenge day 28...inspired by your favorite colour

Hello my beauties, and here is day 28...boooooo its almost over, blimey this month has gone quickly!!

Now i apologise in advance but i have cheated today (*hides face with shame*) i am recycling an older post of mine as i have been so busy  today and i am beet!  So i have decided to give my older design an airing what with it being Superbowl weekend in America.

I am showing you my New York Giants nails i did for my hubby as he is a huge fan...and even though they didn't make the SB, its all they are red and 2 most favourite colours!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a very special mani.....inspired by a blogger is the theme...hmmmm i am looking forward to this! xxx

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