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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Love/hate Butter London Fiddlesticks and Coco Allure Like Totally Pink

Hello my lovely readers, how are we all today? I am hoping to make your day a smidge better by showing you a few posts I have for you guys today, including this one....Butter London Fiddlesticks with a topping of Coco Allure Like totally pink.

butter london fiddlesticks coc allure like totally pink.  pink gitter

Now then, I have a problem....I give myself credit here because my pictures turned out much better than I thought....howeeeeeever urgh the Butter London was a bitch to apply....not easy and smooth at all, like you would expect for an expensive polish! 

Fiddlesticks has been a lemming of mine since I saw it way back last year on another blog...I wanted it so bad but there has always been another polish I have had to have so this has taken a back seat.  That was until the other day I was browsing around TK MAXX and saw this along with the matching lip gloss in a set and I thought now was the time to add this to my stash.  I first put this on my mum and wasn't blown away by the formula, but the colour looked amazing on her so I thought I would wear it secondly.

I found the neck of the bottle had accumulated extra polish and had already dried (not great really when I have only used it once before earlier that day!) to top it off the polish just didn't want to apply smoothly, it felt either if I didn't have enough on the brush it run out of steam or it felt like I had to much which in turn felt gloopy...there was no happy inbetween for me I'm afraid.  It also took an age to dry. 

That said I do love the colour which is a deep burgundy with flashes of fuchsia glitter.  I decided to add some Coco Allure Like Totally Pink to give it some va va voom and yep, it did that perfectly! I will be doing a further post on the lovely LTP but I love the way it adds extra depth to this polish really showcasing the purple glitter in LTP! 

I used 2 coats of fiddlesticks and 1 coat on Like Totally Pink.

I hope you guys found this helpful....stay tuned for more!


  1. The flashes of magenta in this polish is really pretty.

  2. It is so beautifull I love it :)

    Black & White nail on my blog

  3. What a pretty PITA you found, my Mistress! <3

  4. Such a nuisance when the formula doesn't live up to the swatches, but you made this look amazing x