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Monday, 5 November 2012

Hare polish rusty hearts 2012

Tonight i am on it like  car bonnet...I'm busy doing my back log of pictures to show you.  I have been so busy with my nail art recently i am getting swamped with unused swatches!  So tonight one of my favourite indie brands Hare Polish are restocking on etsy, so in celebration i decided to show you rusty hearts from the antiquities collection.

Now i have a confession...Mimi is ashamed.  With all of the anticipation of the illuminated life collection this set took a back seat for me.  I thought to myself 'yep its very pretty' but i wouldn't have gone mad for it.  So when Llarowe was doing the launch of the whole lot this wasn't on the top of my list....but the whole lot of the illuminated life sold out within minutes and i didn't get to snag it straight i had a look to see what was left and this was i bought it without much glee if I'm honest as i wanted the IL collection so bad.

I did manage to snag the illuminated life collection and i have reviewed them here....this one arrived and i put it on and WOW!!!!  now i know i am pretty enthusiastic most of the time on polishes, but trust me when i say this colour is friggin stunning. 

It was a complete suprise  because i didn't expect to be blown away by it like i was, but in reality i love it much more than electric flame and bury the hatchetfish.....for one the formula was beautiful, it applied deliciously smoothly.  Rusty hearts is such a cool name as well because it is the colour of rust....a real copper red jelly with lots of really complimentary gold shimmer.  It is a no brainer copper and gold are going to go well together but OMG this really is something else.  The rusty red colour really suited my skin tone so this is just love for me.

So i know this has been a bit of a ramble and i am sorry but when Hare restocks tonight bear in mind this review and snap this baby up....i loved it that much i bought the sister polish in this collection Ancient Affairs which i am yet to receive. 


  1. this is gorgeous on you. i skipped on picking it up, it was like the only hare i didn't get with the new stock on make me wish i should have now lol

    1. hehe thank you Dawn, if its any help this is in stock on hare polish etsy really is a beautiful polish, as i say it was the least of my favourtie on the site and now its right up there with my favourite xxxxx