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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ninja Polish Girly Floam

I am here with a big grin on my little face because i managed to snag a girly floam when Ninja Polish restocked a couple of weeks back.  My sister and i literally squealed when we got our packages!  Ahhh the elusive floam...always evaded my manicured hand..until now!

Girly Floam is everything i thought it would be....and more!  i own the original floam and loooooved it, it is special and very very different to my usual taste, which made me want this one all the more.  Girly is made up in a clear base with a beautiful mix of purple and pink matte glitter....beautiful! 

I found the formula to be extremely workable....not to thick like i have heard some of the original can be (i had no worries there either).  I chose to layer this over a good old favourite of mine Essie Splash Of Grenadine, and use 2 coats of floam to totally transformed the polish.  I loved this even without a topcoat....i love the gritty look but then i opted for some trusty seche to add shine.  IT EATS to be expected but just a friendly warning.

I loved this and will without a doubt be owning more of the new addition floams for sure.  You can buy them at Ninja Polish


  1. Ahhhhhh floam!!! I've yet to get any of the coveted floam polishes -_- but I want them even worse now!!! Beautiful swatches as always! :)

  2. WANT! Mistress Mimi tortures us yet again with another yummy polish. LOL