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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Orly Mermaid tale

We are having a mini Orly marathon today.  I am showing you the 3 polishes i picked up and haven't had time to swatch until now, so i am hoping you guys are liking these...i am!! 

Today's instalment is Mermaid Tale (such a cool name and it fits it perfectly!) I look at this colour and it just reminds me of a mermaids lagoon...brushing their hair and moving their elegant scaly tails about in the water....i imagination is mental!

This polish has the most amazing green and blue glitters, they are just beautiful, they sparkle and shine...i wish my camera would have picked them up in all their glory but my pictures just don't do this justice.  Of course this is a polish meant to be used for layering over another colour, i chose Essie Mojito madness.  Now i loved it over this colour BUT i have seen the amazing polish a holic had done a nail with this layered with a black and I LOVE that!!!  I am so trying it.

Application was not tricky at all, dry time was great....this is an all round pleaser.

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