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Monday, 5 November 2012

007 james bond nail art

Hello lovelies...i hope today finds you does me because i get to show you my cool James Bond nails i did last night.  With all of the hurrah surrounding the release of Skyfall, the latest in the Bond films i wasn't really feeling it.  I must admit i have been a James Bond virgin from the get go, and i had no intention of changing it...they just never really appealed to me.

My hubby has been beside himself waiting for this film to be released and when he went to see it he had nothing but good things to say about it.  My sister and brother convinced me to give it a bash so i went along to see what all of the fuss was about......omg i am glad i did!!  Not only is the film terrific but i now have a new love in my life, in the form of the dashing Daniel Craig...for you ladies who might not know who he he is for you....

So after a weekend full of bond (because i then had to watch Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) and with my hubby pestering me to do a design for him....this is what i came up with....what do you think?

I went for the classic 007 sign on my thumb, a martini glass on my pointer, Mr Bond himself on my middle finger, the classic barrel....mixed up a la Mimi style on my ring finger and my pinkie is DB5 which apparently according to hubby is the Aston Martin car used in the film.

Now i didn't really like the DB5 sign, because i didn't even know what it was, so i took it off this morning and redid my pinkie with an MI6 logo with a little tuxedo above it.

In the end i got there to the kind of look i wanted...i am quite pleased with how they turned out because these took a while to create!  I am going to say bye bye for now my polished lovelies..and ill leave you with just one more dose of the delectable Mr Craig!


  1. Oh he is a stud muffin for sure! Got butter? We saw Mr Craig with Dame Dench on Graham Norton this weekend. Too funny!

    Your nails look DIVINE dahling!

    1. thank you my dahling lol! he is just to to yummy for words! i love dame julie and i love graham norton.....good times sweetie!!! xxxx

    2. Now to wait for Skyfall to hit netflix. Dng wait problem! LOL

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