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Thursday, 8 November 2012

eradicate hate!

Last week many of us peaceful bloggers were shocked at a certain group being, well lets say, just not nice.  It has generated a whole debate about bullying, not just in the nail polish community but as a whole. I have read some really touching stories and it has really opened my eyes.  Obviously bullying is wrong...on every level.  I am shocked to be honest that it exists in our community on here.  I have been lucky in the fact that i have not been up against such negativity, i have made no bones about how lucky i feel to have such wonderful followers.

Unfortunately others have not been so lucky, people have been extremely cruel to other fellow bloggers, making them feel really self conscious.  One lady (i wont name names) who has her own shop on Etsy had such vile comments made to her about her nails she almost decided not to post any swatches herself anymore.  Thankfully her supporters (including me!) gave her words of encouragement to stick two fingers up a the bitches and carry on regardless. 

Now don't get me wrong, i am not saying the people who made these comments to my etsy friend were the same people in this group slating this blogger.  People i know ended up joining this group thinking it was something fun and lighthearted, unknowing, bless them they faced backlash.  I felt very sorry for these people as they genuinely felt bad about being associated with them. 

I am very much a live and let live person.  I personally would not post my manicures 'untidy' purely because i am a own worst critic if you will....and sure, have i looked at a manicure and have been aching to tidy it up for them, yes i have....would i go to he extremes of posting my 2 pennys worth on their page...NO! Would i be cruel and mock someone Else's work?...NO! do i think its right to join in discussions openly 'joking' at someone Else's expense? NO!! 

So In the words of my lovely friend Inky...if you can't say something nice...don't say anything at all.  I am joining my polished hands together today with my fellow bloggers to unite so here is my purple manicure to eradicate hate in the nail polish community....and everywhere else


  1. Both your words & your nails show what a beautiful person you are Mimi. Shine on polish sister!

    1. awwww inky i love ya so much.....from across the pond i am sending you a great big hug my sweet xxxxx

  2. Such strong words! I myself am also against bullying, I mean each of us deserves what to be how we want to be.
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    Celyx Lim []