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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pretty and Polshed Concoction, Olgite and Sidereal

I am so excited to show you these polishes the lovely Chelsea sent for me to review...they are AHHHMAZING!!  Ohhhh i wish my pictures could do these as much justice as they deserve.  I always pledged i would be honest with my reviews...even if they had been sent kindly to me....i promise you they are every bit as special in the flesh!

First up we have concoction.....and what a special concoction this one is!  I think i may have died and gone to heaven with this one.  It is a glorious purple jelly with amazing flakes that flash from blue to purple and a light dusting of holographic particles.  This applied like a dream, and with an added coat of seche vite it sparkled like crazy.  This is such a special polish and deserves the full 5 stars for amazingness!

Now  move to Sidereal.  Holy cow...this is killing me....Sideral packs a punch in all the right places.  I get excited about polish a lot this is true...but this is something else...i will properly dream about this tonight.  Sidereal is a polish set in a charcoal jelly and it is absolutely packed with the most stunning blue micro flakes and shimmer.  The combination is an epic win for Chelsea...another five star award coming up.

Last but in no way least is Olgite.  This one i have to say is a the bottle i wasn't as excited about it as the other two...even though i am a total blue fan.  On the nail...well it is something is stunning!!  I adore the colour...a colour blue that is my ideal! Olgite is a really pretty medium blue...yes that's all great but what makes this extra special is the colour changing shimmer...purple and what a combination...and damn to my camera for being able to pick up the shimmer in all its glory...i promise its there and i promise it is something to behold in the flesh.

I used 3 coats for each of the polishes...application was excellent on all of them and dry time fab! I have a real soft spot for P&P polishes, i own quite a collection...and fully intend to own if you are a P&P virgin head to Chelsea's etsy shop here or follow her on facebook here

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