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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Milani this is how textured polishes should be!

After yesterdays debacle of the Oz glitters I reviewed I am happy to come back with some excellent polishes for you guys today.  I hate slating polishes of brands I adore such as OPI, they arnt exactly cheap as chips so you expect impeccable quality and feel hugely let down when you get so far from perfect to downright shoddy.  I come to you today with a brand I am a newbie to...Milani. 

 I have been itching to try these polishes so ages but I cant find them anywhere in the UK...even trusty ole ebay has none!  This adds up to Mimi wanting them that bit more.  I love me a bit of all over that trend like a hot rash so when a lovely friend of mine Laurie from my polish group on facebook agreed to send them to me I was happy as a pig in muck!!    I would like to extend my hugest of thank yous to her for supplying me (crikey I make her sound like a drug pusher lol!...well this is my addiction!)

Aqua Splash.  A beautiful turquoise greeny blue colour...simpy adorable.  I love this colour either textured or smooth it is so pretty.  I used 2 coats but should have gone for 3. 

Spoiled In Fuschia.  Love that name and love that it is true to its name as well.  A perfect dark fuchsia colour that is so rich it is delicious.  It is opaque in 2 coats.

Purple Streak.  This is a lovely lovely deep vibrant purple.  This is the most opaque of the 3 I am showing.  I used 2 coats.

All of these colours were everything I wanted them to be and more.  Each applied beautifully and dried super quick to a really textured finish (OPI take note...this is how textured should be!).  Each dried matte (as expected) but I wish I would have top coated them to see the difference as I suspect they would be stunning worn that way to.  My favourite was the fuchsia buuuuut I loved all of them.  Once again thank you to my dear friend Laurie xxxxx