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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hare Polish Party Palace

Hello my lovely lovely readers, I am here today on this cold Easter weekend with another AWESOME AWESOME polish for your viewing pleasure.  I am showing you Party Palace from the amazing Hare Polish.

For goodness sake Hare camp are churning out some true beauties in this recent collections of jellies and top coats.

Party Palace really is like a party has set up show on my nails, I REALLY love this polish!!

PP is a super bright.  It almost has neon qualities to it, but it isn't quite, it is bright but very wearable.  Hare described it as bright fuchsia but I think it leans more between purple to be honest with fuchsia undertones....either way t is a really cool colour  for the upcoming (coughs and splutters at the mention) summer.  I also love that this will be wearable when winter roll around again (quicker than most if you live here in the UK!).

This polish is packed with white square, and orange hex glitters and a beautiful blue shimmer...I believe you can see the shimmer in my pics...if you cant trust me its there.  I love the orange hex glitters very much, although against this super bright colour they appear more red to me...not that this is a bad thing...I think the colours look amazing together!!

So its no surprise I adored this much so that after the disappointment of not getting any nerds yesterday from ninja polish I got my bad self onto the internet and bagged me Rococo Graneur! now I just need Hooky at the hamlet and I will be happy!