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Monday, 1 April 2013

World Autism AwarenessDay Mani

Hello my lovelies.  I am bringing you a very special manicure today in support of Autism Awareness.  The 2nd of April brings every nationality together, young, old, boy or girl to raise awareness to Autism which effects approx. 600,000 children and adults in the UK alone. 

I have never been directly affected by autism in my family but know of people who have and know of their struggle to be heard and diagnosed.  Coping is often a extremely stressful for both the parents and the child.

So the blogging community and our very own polish group on facebook are coming together and proudly wearing blue in our manicures.  This is the very least us girls can do to join in and stick on a blue! I decided on doing the autism ribbon and jigsaw piece mani. And my choice of blues varied from dark blues to lights, i also used Girly Bits Arctic sunrise on my thumb.  I wrote the word fly beside the ribbon as I think all of our children should aspire to fly in one way or another. 

For people unsure what autism is please follow the link  to Autistica xxxxx


  1. As a Special Education teacher - it warms my heart to see so many manis dedicated to Autism Awareness :)

    1. its a great cause isn't it heather..and a wonderful job you do xxxxx