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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

mattified picture polish, Whimsical ideas by pam, nostalgic laquer and reverse hare polish of my finest!

Another post for you guys that I wanted to post yesterday but just didn't have the time.  So here it manicure I am  extreamely pleased with and I am totally in love with!!

For yesterdays Tattoo Autism Mani I knew I wanted a specific base colour...and i'd be damned if not having the right colour in my stash was going to stop me from creating what I I set to work and blow me down with a feather Trevor if  didn't achieve the exact colour I wanted!!

The amazing Zachy from Zachy's Nail Buzz  shown this picture on our polish group. of Borghese Mediterraneo Sea..and being in the UK of course we cant get it....I fell in love and wanted this kind of mattified blue base. So I took my beloved Picture Polish Cosmos and added my equally beloved Nostalgic  Lacquer Rid of me and added my China Glaze Matte top coat. 
This is Zachy's picture...thank you so much for allowing me to use it my dear friend xxx

I cant tell you how much I adore this combination the sparkle still really showed up even though it was matte.  So not wanting to stop there I wanted my accent nail to be different for my design I was going to do so I popped on Whimsical Ideas By Pam Hatched and mattifed that to....OMG it is so so pretty worn this way!!!

Taking my look one step further I did a reverse gradient look with hare polish The Teen Queen and mattified that to!!  I have to say this is without a doubt one of the most intereting and pretty looks I have worn and I will definitely be rocking them again....whah do you guys think? matte fan or not?


  1. Mimi, I can't believe that you used Picture Polish Cosmos and Nostalgic Lacquer Rid of Me to get the same effect of Borghese Meditteraneo Sea! You are brillant! That's why I was wondering why you needed my picture. lol. Great comparisions! Thanks for mentioning me and thanks for being such a great nail artist. You really rock! <3

    1. thank you so much zachy, your comment has really warmed my heart as does our friendship. You really rock to!! xxxx

  2. Pretty! and I love the Follow buttons on your sidebar!!! I'm a new follower, would love if you would please follow me back on my blog aswell:

  3. bless you thank you deriniti I will absolutely go and follow you xxxxx