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Monday, 15 April 2013

'Little Mermaid' nails Evil Ursula!

Ok guys, here I am again, back with little mermaid nails.  Now I know....Ariel and the cute characters are nowhere to be seen and my loves there is a method in my madness!

Later in the challenge we get to do a host of Disney princesses so I am going to throw all the cuteness in there....for now I bring you the awesome evilness of Ursula....she is awesome.....

I love the princesses very much in these films but I have to say I always love the 'villlains' just as much....if not more.  It makes me think of some awesome figurines that graced the Disney Store at Christmas with the Disney villains...they were AMAZING and I wanted them bad! 

So here is my homage to Ursula with her evil tentacles spreading across my this!