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Monday, 15 April 2013

FINALLY a UK indie seller..Mum's Makeup Taras Talons

Excited much? well yes i am!  Finally we have an awesome Indie seller here in the UK in the form of the lovely Tara from Taras Talons.  I was super excited when i saw the collection Tara had launched as they are bright and summery colours.

So i picked out Mum's Makeup from this awesome collection.  All of her polishes are of things relating to her childhood.  Mums makeup is inspired by rummaging through her mums make up bag and finding sparkly goodness there.....awwww i love that!

So the polish in question is a beautiful rose coloured pink, with beautiful pink shimmer, silver micro glitter and random square silver small glitter.  

The application was effortless with this, dry time was excellent and it was almost opaque in 3 coats.  I could still see a VNL with 3 coats when holding my hand up by the light, but this didn't bother me at all.  For those who it would bother, a thin coat of a similar base colour would be perfect. I loved that this dried really shiny, once i applied Seche Vite t looked like glass!  So pretty!

I am seriously impressed with Mums Makeup.  The colour translated so beautifully onto the nail and the formula was awesome.  Super well done to Tara for an awesome collection....i am now a fan!

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