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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Picture Polish Sea Jewel....oh a jewel indeed

I wish  had a beautiful sunny day to really show off this latest offering by the awesome Picture Polish!  I wanted to really capture the sparkly goodness, the amazing gleam coming off my nails is positively blinding!
picture polish sea jewel green glitter

One thing Picture Polish does so well is collaborations and today's coming together is with the very quirkly named Wacky Laki , here my dears is Sea Jewel.

Words or pictures for that matter cant really do this baby justice....sea green perfection!!  My nails look like they are covered in...well, jewels, which is why this is so aptly named!

This polish is set in  a beautiful sea green/teal base with micro silver glitter that just sparkles in whatever lighting...however in the! 

I was sold so much on the amazing Whimsy I didn't think  I could love this half as much...and whilst Whimsy still holds something enchanting to me, this is veeeeery close second!   Formula on this one was slightly thicker than Whimsy but so workable and awesome coverage....3 coats and you are good to go.

So with my incessant ramblings, would I recommend Sea Jewel?? hell to the yeah!  Like Whimsy this polish is a perfect summer shade but will see you through all seasons, especially Christmas as it can pass for a really festive colour to...god I love it when they do that!


  1. This color is beautiful! So nice :)

    1. this is such a stunner lisa, such a lovely sparkle to it xxxx

  2. Oh wow i really love this colour its so nice it reminds me of the sea and mermaids :)
    i will definitely be trying to get one like this :)

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    1. thank you alissa I really appreciate it. I will go and follow you now my friend xxx