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Saturday, 27 July 2013

A match made in heaven, Chanel Bel-Argus and Azure Gradient

Hey Chikkas!  Hope you are all having an awesome Saturday! 

Today I am showing you guys a couple of polishes I have previously reviewed on the blog before, the difference being I used  them together as a gradient....ohhhh la la they are perfect together!

Bel-Argus and Azure both captured my heart when I saw them on sale and I knew I had to have them, separately they are stunning...together they are perfection!

My daughter wanted her hair dip dyed so we did it with a turquoise, light blue and dark blue, when she said she wanted her nails done to match, these were the two colours I used.  I loved them so much on her I decided to do it on myself to!

I added a touch of golden glamour by adding a touch of L'Oreal Gold Lurex glitter to the ends....LOVE this...what do you guys think?