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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Kb shimmer, no whine left

How friggin cool is the name of this!!  Today i have for you no whine left by kb shimmer. As soon as i saw this colour on one of the threads on facebook i knew it would be mine.  I stalked Harlow & co when i found they were going to launch this and when it went live i gave my fingers a good workout by checking out pretty damn quick before these beauties escaped me!

Fear not, it was mine and only arrived yesterday...ohhhh myyyy daaaays it is lovely!  You all know how much a adore blue polish, well i also adore this colour because its so rich and velvetty looking....its got blue sparkles to....pick me off the floor cos I've just fainted at the beautifulness!

No whine left is a rich, mature purple/dark vampy red....i keep looking at this and cant decide on the right way to describe the colour...plum is the best way i think.  It has magenta and bright blue smaller glitter and drop dead cool bright blue hex glitters that make this pop even more!  I actually can't tell you how pretty this colour is, without the blue i would have passed on it but the blue and magenta glitters give the polish a whole new dimension!

Application was good, i used 3 coats for full coverage, i did have some glitter that wanted to not lay as flat as i would have liked but i think that was my application technique more than the polish itself.  Overall i think this is a HUGE winner for christy rose at kb shimmer, well done for making such a great polish that would happily see me through Autumn/ winter!


  1. Replies
    1. thankyou essie rae, its a stunner isnt it! xxxx

  2. Oh yes, it's really pretty. I think I would prefer it two tones lighter, but still - very pretty polish :)

    1. i adore the richness of it...but it would look amazing lighter to...i love the name though hehe xxxx