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Saturday, 8 September 2012

30 day 8..metallic nails... nails inc

Happy Saturday people, its a beautiful day here in the UK and we have been out most of the day so time hasn't been on my side with challenge metallic!  I am wearing here nails inc old park lane.  I bagged this yesterday in a set of four and it was my least favourite of the bunch...i am always really weary of these kinds of tones of polish on me, i always go for more vampy colours. This is a really interesting tone of gold...more of an antique copper with brown and pink undertones.  It's definitely not your bog standard gold, hence why i quite like it.

Now i must say as much as it was my least fave...and properly will still be because the rest of the colours are very 'me', i was really pleased with this polish.  I am also not a fan of metallic very much but this applied very nicely...opaque in just 2 coats (maybe even 1 if you are super careful).  Dry time was very good.  I thought i would add some silver stripes to add a bit more interest, i actually think these colours work really well together!  I think i will leave this one in the future for stamping, which i know it will be brilliant for that!


  1. I like those colors together too! I agree it would make a fantastic stamping polish. It's a very interesting bronze/gold

  2. it's for sure a different shade isnt it marjorie, i was suprised by how opaque it was...cant wit to stamp with fact im going to try it today..keep eyes peeled for the review on it 'stampabiaty' lol, thanks for checking this out my lovely xxxx