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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Disney Cinderella nails!

Oh my god, oh my god ,oh my god......i friggin love Disney, we have been lucky enough to visit Disneyland in Paris 3 times and each time i have felt like a kid again, i have stood in line to have autographs with the characters like a tiny tot, getting all excited.

I also know another Disney nut like me called Stu, so Stu i dedicate this manicure to you! I am sorry but i have taken lots of pictures because i adore this manicure so i apologise for  the spam of pics!

Now doing a Disney princess manicure almost always calls for a beautiful girly pink base colour and ladies (and gents!) i have a corker for you, 365 days of color too pink to function wangled its way onto my tips...and  I can't tell you how much i adore this polish, it is the most beautiful baby pink i think i own and the multi glitters in this is amazing!  The application caused me no trouble, the glitter distributed evenly and layed flat and  it dried super quick.  Well done to sunny for making this beauty..i love it so!

Now back to cinders, she is my favourite princess of all time, a classic beauty who loves to keep a clean favourite kind!  And the mice i adored in the film...awww poor Gus, he rocks!  I swear when i watch this i go all dreamy, girly and fluffy, the classic tale of a fair maiden being swept off her feet while evil tries and fails to scupper the whole thing!

I adore everything from the fairy godmother showing up with her wand singing bibiddy bobbidy boo, the beautiful white gown she rocks up to the ball in to the excitement of her being locked in the tower room and the beautiful animals rescuing her so she can find her prince!  I digress and i am sorry but I'm so excited i might just stick it on now!

I hope you guys love this mani as much as i do and remember...when you wish upon a star..........


  1. This Manicure is a sweetheart, looks really beautiful.!!!

    1. i loved doing this one, its one of my favourites jeanette, as always my lovely your comments make me feel warm and fuzzy, thankyou lovely xxx