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Sunday, 9 September 2012

30 day 9..rainbow nails

Today i have attempted something i have never done before, a full on rainbow mani for the day 9 of the challenge.  Its obviously not something i would wear on my nails daily but it was pretty fun to create. 

If i had more time to do this over again, i know i could do better, so i may recreate this at a later date and compare..but this is a first attempt so I'm not going to be overly hard on myself.  My untried for the day was the beautiful blue base colour.  It is nails inc kensington gate.  I fell in love with this colour when i saw it on a lady who was working on QVC...i knew it had to be mine and yesterday it somehow made its way into my shopping bag!  Hope you guys have a great Sunday...see you tomorrow!


  1. This is the most detailed rainbow nail art ive ever seen!
    you did a great job x

  2. Wow, the pattern is so full of life and so bright, it's just... wow :)

    1. thankyou so much agia, your feedback has made me smile very much..polish hugs to you all xxx