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Monday, 3 September 2012

My block nail design

I had a spare hand that i could have a little experiment with, after doing my yellow nails for the 30 day challenge in daisy does i thought i wouldn't let the opportunity pass me by so i did some block nails...with a twist by adding stripes to the occasion.

My daughter adored these nails when she saw them...describing them as 'awesome'...i am thinking she will be getting me to do them when she wants them done next!  I used for the yellow, daisy does it but color club, the pink was off the shoulder by essie and the purple was bikini so teeny also by essie ( i have to give a little shout out to our lovely Umu, my daughters friend who knew that i wanted bikini and went out and got it for me out of her own money, she is only 11 years old!..what a Umu this design is for you honey!)

Hope you guys like the block design, keep tuned for more xxxx


  1. Very nice!

  2. This is really pretty, reminds me of the beach!

    1. thankyou samantha i was quite pleased how they turned out, thankyou for having a peek xxx