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Sunday, 30 September 2012

30 day challenge day 29..supernatural...halloween

I'm sorry this post is a day late, as i said on Friday night i spent the day in London on Saturday, so this was always going to come a day late.  As i've said before, better late than never!

I am really proud of these nails as to be honest i had no idea what to do for todays challenge.  I know there is a lot of choice to be had but i had 'nail polish block'.  I was flicking through my konad and bundle monsters and came across the haunted house, so i went with it....although i didn't want to stamp so i attempted doing it freehand....i am so glad i did!  Don't get me wrong i love to stamp and happen to believe that is an art form all by itself as it can be tricky to stamp right...but i do love a bit of freehand where i can take all of the credit lol.

These nails arnt so much supernatural..more spooky Halloween nails..but hey supernatural and Halloween go together like hand and glove so i think this still qualifies!  My inspiration for these comes really from visiting Disneyland in Paris and seeing the haunted mansion there....up on the spooky hill, love it!!

My untried for the day is colour club outworldly...omg what a fantastic polish!!  It is a really bright sparkly blue....not that it looks like that in these pictures because the other colours used has really dulled me it is amazing!

I am so sad this challenge is almost over....i have enjoyed trying my hand at things i would never usually do and for the most part i am super proud at what i have achieved as before i did this i thought i was very limited in what i could i know different from all your lovely comments.  I have one more mani to recreate for tomorrow then that's it for the 30 day...fear not though as i have many other lovelies coming your way!


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    1. hehe thankyou inky, polish hugs to you my lovely xxx

  2. You definitely should be proud from from this manicure - your nails look amazing!!! And obviously I'm so jealous about your free hand, 'cause my is just rubbish ;)

    1. thankyou lovely Agia, i so enjoyed doing the challenge as it made me branch out abd try things i wouldnt normally do, and to recieve feedback is so valuble to me as i am so always your comments mean the world to me...big polish love coming your way xxxx