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Monday, 1 October 2012

nubar scratch

I do love a bit of Nubar...i don't own nearly enough of this brand but i am proud as punch with the ones i own because they are corkers...this beauty isn't any different.

This is a limited edition nubar chosen by the scratch magazine team.  I picked this up at Olympia Beauty a couple of weeks back, as soon as i saw it i had to have it...although reminiscent of china glaze 108 degrees i don't care they are so alike because i adore them both!!

Scratch is a beautiful medium bright fuchsia colour with a stunning amount of certain lights it flashes with purple...simply stunning!!  Application was amazing...although a little sheer, the next time i wear this i will layer it, but never the less this was 3 coats for the pictures.

I decided to have a little play and add a design over this...hmmmm what do you guys think?.....

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