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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Yay my first guest post is here ladies!!

I am so so pleased to introduce this new bit of lovliness to my blog.....i had never thought about adding guest posts until i stumbled on the idea on my facebook page. What a fantastic idea. If you would like to add you guest post here, then please do email me at so lets begin the magic my lovelies. Today and my very first polish beauty post comes from Amy, she is such a lovely girlie and i am truely honoured for her to be my first guest...welcome my here she is......

Howdy hi,

Well, let me first say what an honour it is to be here supporting Mimi and her blog (which I LOVE btw). Let me introduce myself, I'm Amy, a polish sister of the most wonderful Mimi. Whilst, like a lot of my polish buddies, Mimi and I have never met (to be rectified in the new year… boooyahhh) Mimi is a most treasured friend and we have bonded over the wonderful and colourful world of polish. Now, whilst my nails and my collection are nothing like hers (I threaten to steal her collection ALL the time) I do have a few beauties up my sleeves which she doesn't seem to have…. so please, without further ado, let me introduce to you a few beauties from the new Model's Own collections……..

Be still my heart….. the Beetle Juice collection is stunning. A set of duo chromes packed with pizzaz and punch to knock any polisher lover to there feet. This beaut is Purple Blue, but oh my it is so much more than that. Gold, bronze, pink, purple, blue, this polish is a whole rainbow in one. And being a Model's Own its a modest price of £5 ANNNND even better news they are being stocked at some larger Boots now and on line at as well, and you know what that means…. Advantage points to buy yourself something pretty

Not resting on there backsides at all after these beauties, Model's Own have thrown out an amazing holo collection called Wonderland. Here you can see Southern lights which is a subtle pink packing a MAHOOOOSIVE holo punch.

After adding this baby to my collection I knew I couldn't stop there, so I had to pick up Northern Lights. A purple based holo, which is as equally as stunning as its sister above. You can see it here with Lady of the Lake on my ring finger which is by A-England. Sweet sweet Model's Own…. How I love thee.

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