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Sunday, 21 October 2012

autumn nails

Today has been a sucky day here in the UK, its been raining and cold, a far cry from a few weeks ago when we had lovely sunny days.....hmmmm autumn is here.....which calls for a bit of autumn nail art, so here we go ladies (and gents!)

Now i must first say my beautiful husband Mark came home from work the other day very excited to tell me an idea he had for me to do.  Autumn gradient nails with some freshly picked leaves to photograph on.  So today being cold and autumn like, plus being full of a cold myself i set to work on doing them.  My first set wasn't what Mark had in mind, he wanted more reds, yellow and oranges, but i had used greens in there to, so i redid them and this is what i came up with.

It was hard because i don't have a massive amount of yellows and oranges to choose from (weird really coming from a girl who has over 500 bottles of polish!) this wasn't the manicure outcome i really wanted, i wanted it to be more rustic looking but with a limited supply this would have to do, so here it is my lovely hubby, a manicure dedicated to you....i love ya!

Now my little adventure don't stop there, i decided to go with what i had in my head and decided to do autumn leaves manicure with a cute little tree on my middle finger........i really do like the leaves, the gold acrylic paint i used really  did set this off. 

I hope you guys liked these two manicures, im sorry about the amount of pictures...but double the post equals double the pics! hehe, good night my polish friends love to you all xxx


  1. What kind of cold medicine are you on? Your nails are trippin for sure!

    1. i wish iwas stronger medicine inky my lovely, my nose wont stop running...grrrrr!! thankyou though sweetness, you're a total sweetheart! xxxxx

  2. Bummer! I miss the old formula Nyquil. That stuff worked so well.