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Monday, 22 October 2012

Smitten Polish Hillarys dream...a story of a friend

So not to long ago i found Smitten polish, i had come across her polish on etsy (its also worth saying Llarowe are stocking these to!) and fell in love...deep love!  I went on to own a good portion of her collection.  Not one of her polishes so far has disappointed me, formula, application, durability and damn beautifulness were all there in abundance.

Now i come to this stunner for you.  First i have to say, i own a ton of blacks stacked with glitter....and for this reason i wouldn't have normally wanted to own this polish so bad buuuuuuuuut   A, its i have to own it in my quest to own everything of hers, and here is he clanger  B, i have a friend called i always wanted to dedicate a mani to her!.....

Hilary is my beautiful  friend who i met a few years ago when we were taking a nail course together, we became firm friends...mostly out of dislike for our tutor to be honest (take it from me peeps, she was not very nice at all!).....those were the strings that tied us at that point and we have been friends ever since.  She has been there for me through thick and thin and has been the bestest friend and even though i don't see her as often, we are always there when we need each other and through knowing Hilary she also bought the beautiful Lauren into my life to, with all the attributes of her mum, she is a top girl to! my darlin' this is why i bought this polish!

Hillarys dream is as i say  blackened jelly polish with orange, turquoise, red, green, purple and pink tinsy tiny micro glitters.   The turquoise glitters in this polish really do make this polish pop, they compliment the other glitters perfectly.  As with all the other smittens this got the thumbs up in every aspect...application, dry time, formula were all a 'dream' hehe. Its also worth saying i only needed 1 coat of seche vite to make this a smooth finish, pretty damn impressive for a polish so packed!  I used 3 coats for these shots. So to sum up this is a my friend, it is bold and my friend and its worth having in your my friend.  Thank you for your friendship Hills i loves ya!


  1. How cool that there's a polish with her name on it & how lovely that you have a friend like that!

    1. she is an amazing friend inky my lovely......going to reply to your email tonight sweetcheeks...been gettin my pics up on pinterest today and twitter....all time consuming stuff xxxxxx