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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

nails inc gatwick

I picked this little number up the other day, quite excited to get a nails inc matte polish because they arn't so available as i would like.  I do like matte nail polish, but i must admit i don't own one...only china glaze matte magic, so i wanted to try this.....i love it!

The colour is super cool, a lovely bright red which applies glossy but turns matte super quick (hence the matte meaning hehe).  I decided to play a little and add a topcoat to half of the nail and add some stripes and dots....hmmm i suppose its different. I must also apologise, my camera wanted to excessively whiten my hands in this shot! xxxx


  1. These are great, I really like the shade and the pattern :)

    1. aww glad you like them agia...i love a bit of nails inc xxxx