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Friday, 5 October 2012

Lush lacquer bubble yummy

Holy moses!!! i am so friggin excited to show you this polish today, Lush Lacquer bubble yummy.  First off what a completely wicked name, i adore it, it is so cute and girly...very moi! I have been drooling over this on etsy for a while now, and when the lovely Llarowe announced she would be soon carrying this line on her website, i was reminded how much i liked it...i took the plunge and went for it..........oh my god i am so glad i did.

I put this baby on last night and i can honestly say i cant stop looking at my nails, they look ahhhhmazing, much much nicer than my pictures show.

Bubble yummy is a really vibrant bright purple/grape colour jelly base with a lovely amount of bright blue and silver fine glitter and larger bright blue hex glitter.  I have to say this is definitely going up there as one of my favourite polishes.  I knew it would be beautiful from the previous pictures i have seen but i can honestly say this is tenfold more beautiful in the flesh!!

Application was amazing, this is one of the most surprising polishes i own not just on the look but on the finish, i expected this to dry really quite gritty because of the amount of glitter and i was worried the larger glitters wouldn't lay as flat as i would like (i cant stand glitters that poke out) but i can hand on heart say this dried to a really quite smooth finish....i mean you should still use a topcoat of course but one coat of seche and this was smooth, and the glitters were completely flat to the nail.

If you don't already have this stunner then my advice is to pick it up NOW, it truly is a stand out polish!

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