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Friday, 19 October 2012

Kiko 336 electric bluen + NYX blue ave

Sorry guys Ive been absent for a couple of days, i lost my mojo a little and have been so tired...but I'm back and dying to show you this polish....its a blue yay!!  I was a complete Kiko virgin until very recently when i went into a Kiko store and snapped up a few polishes.  I hadn't heard much about them...until now.

I have to say damn.....damn i friggin LOVE this blue, its number 336 which is called electic blue, and it certainly is!! This blue is simply stunning, it is deep, vibrant and damn beautiful.  I think aside from the beautiful colour i was most impresse with the application, this is definitely hands down one of the nicest polishes i have application wise...and colour wise to boot!  It dried SUPER shiny, the first pictures i took are shown WITHOUT topcoat WITHOUT  i tell you!!!!

Yesterday was a dark miserable gloomy day here in the UK, so i did a thing only girlies with polish addiction can do.....i bought another polish!  I bought NXY blue ave....OMG!  i decided to layer it over the Kiko 336 and this is what happened......!

How stunning is that?!  blue ave is meant for layering, this is not a polish i would wear alone an also it works best with more dramatic undies for maximum effect.  Blue ave has a slight teal base...bordering on clear actually but suspended in the base are these wicked orange, green and blue flakies.  I have read some negative comments on these polishes, and admittedly i only own this one ....for now, i experienced no trouble applying this polish and the flakies were superb.  I own essie, shine of the times and i hated that polish, it put me off flakies since but this is just.....beautiful!!!  I think the kiko and blue ave are perfect partners together, i cant stop looking at my nails......!


  1. I love blue nail polish. That one is a killer my friend! ♥ And with the layering vavoomm! You've got to get insurance for those jewels hun! ;-)