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Thursday, 11 October 2012

365 days of color ...boouk

Hey fellow polish addicts, happy Thursday to you.  Now, today's offering to you is the beautiful boouk by 365 days of color.  This is from the stunning Halloween collection hocus pocus. 

I had seen the previews of the colours Sunny was releasing for this collection and literally dribbled onto my keyboard...all of the colours were super beautiful but this one spoke to me immediately purely because it is a colour i definitely don't own....why oh why don't i own more browns?!.....and as well as being a stunning colour, i friggin' luuurve the name!!

So when this baby popped through my letter box i was so excited, i own quite a few of lovely sunnys polishes and have loved everyone, i was hoping this wasn't going to be a let down....and it wasn't, it is completely awesome!

described on 365 days of colors website as a flesh colour, is a true description, it is really lovely.  It is jam packed with bronze and gold multi sized glitters.  The glitters  really do compliment the base colour of this polish, and as always the glitters never curl or pop out of the polish.  It is worth mentioning that this is an amazing polish to layer with, i tried this over a black and it was stunning, however i decided to layer this over nails inc ganton street, i think they are beautiful together.

As always sunnys polishes are just lovely, application was a dream, as i mentioned before the glitters behaved beautifully and dry time was excellent.  I used 1 coat of Ganton Street with 2 coats of Boouk. 


  1. This is beautiful!! I love how the glitters are bronze and copper, not your typical black and orange for Halloween. So pretty!

    1. totally agree jacqui, when i first saw this it stood out purely for that reason, it's perfect for halloween but its so wearable for the upcoming christmas season to as the layering possiblities are endless with this one...glad you like it as much as i do hun xxxxx

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