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Monday, 29 October 2012

Guest post by Charis! Zoya guilty pleasures

Today i have for you my lovelies another guest post for you and it comes from the beautiful Charis who i have met on Facebook.  She is a lovely fellow polish lover and i am honoured for her to guest post for me so enjoy......

Hello lovely friends!

Mimi has graciously let me guest post for her today and I have been saving for my Zoya Guilty Pleasures to arrive to have one ready for her.
So let us begin!

I love Zoya polishes and only own a few, however when I saw the advertisement for this set, I had to have it so I had my pre-order done before lunch time the day it came out. I was most impatient for it to arrive, but it was worth the wait! I will confess that I did squeal a little when I saw it sitting on my front porch. :-)
Ok, on to the polish - I decided to do a 'french' style mani with Raven as my base. Raven is a fabulous black, it's a deep, rich black with lots of shine, and hint of shimmer. It's not a jelly so I'm guessing it would be considered a satin?
It took only 1 easy coat to get the look I liked. Then I used Purity on my tips (please pardon my shorties and wonky index finger). This is a fabulous white, it did the job with just a couple of easy strokes to be a beautiful clean white tip - I will be using Purity again for white tips in the future, it's a 'great white' ;-)
As I was painting Raven on, I thought it would be fun to throw a little Halloween twist into it and painted a spider web with Purity on my ring finger.
Then on went the Guilty topcoat, and wow. The topcoat was easy to apply, but I did dab the flakes on instead of a regular application of painting it on. The polish seems to do well with this, as it all blended together very well and didn't get lumpy or uneven.
So there we have it! The lovely Guilty Pleasures set from Zoya. What do you think?

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