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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Skull and crossbones nails

Hello polish lovelies.  Today i have a very special post for you guys, it is a skull and crossbones design and i dedicate this manicure to my beautiful sister....who i affectionately call shamon.  She has been asking for these nails for a while now, and with all the challenges i have done recently i just haven't really had the time to do them.
on my thumb nail just a side note this is a reflection of light not a smearing of polish!

Ahhhhh this challenge from my shamon has given me so much grief!! i have struggled with the theme as i wanted to do something really special for her.  I sat there last night and tried to do a design and i swear to god it looked like my dog had done off they came and with a fresh approach i did this design today. 

I must give credit to this design to the awesome Robin Moses, i followed her tutorial for this and i think the end result was pretty wicked!! 

At the moment things have been very rough for my shamon and i, our amazing mum has been very poorly and i have to say a huge thankyou to my sister for being such a rock for me.  You are my very best friend shamon and i loves you much more than you know.  From one polish sister to another your the bestist!.....also peeps before i quit my ramblings watch this space as this amazing woman is yet to be my star guest poster and she has ahhhhhmazing nailage!  Polish love to all you guys xxxxxxxx


  1. Awwwww shamon, big cryfest at present! I LOVE THEM!!!! But not as much as i love you...Thankyou sis they have made my night! XXXXXXX <3 XXXXXXX

    1. right back atcha shamon Mimi loves ya big styleeeee! xxxxxxx

  2. These are Amazing!! The <3 eye patch.. so cute!