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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

30 day challenge day 11 polka dot nails

So here we are guys...polka dot nailage for my 30 day challenge.  I am not one to pass up the opportunity to have a good old practise with some polish, and today was no exception!

Polka dot nails are always super fun, my first idea for polkas was going to be some really cool neon ones...i will still do these because i know they will look wicked, but for today's offering polka dots and mickey mouse always go together..having one without the other is criminal! hehe. 

I done these with Opi colour of Minnie (ohhh yes people, i get into the spirit alright!), Opi alpine snow for the white and good ole china glaze liquid leather.  My untried was the colour of Minnie, i really have only tested it on my thumb so it was a good excuse to bring it out.  I adore this red....very bright, vibrant, Disney red, that offered fantastic coverage.  I am definitely loving this red. 

Hope you guys like the pics...see you tomorrow! xxx

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