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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

cult nails captivated

I decided to have a little try of the beautiful cult nails captivated.  I have been longing for this polish for a while and never got round to getting it, until the lovely Claudia (holographic hussy) had a blog sale.  I snapped it up, and here we are, another stunner on my nails...ohhh it's a hard life hehe.

Captivated certainly captured my heart on my monitor, in the flesh its actually love.  This polish really is a beauty, it is the strangest orange i own, it has more of a pinky tone to it...and the orange looks corally to me.  What really makes this special though and compliments the colour perfectly, are the beautiful flakeies that flash from gold to orange in different lighting....simply stunning!

I don't usually wear orange nails often, the colour never looks right on me but this is very different, it is very flattering.  I used 3 coats for the shots i undies.  This would be an amazing polish to layer..i am actually thinking a black base would look really good!...keep tuned because i will try it and upload further pictures to show you the possibilities.


  1. Wow gorgeous color and fabulous nails! That's hot!