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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Misa pour me something tall and strong

This swatch i will show you Misa pour me something tall and strong...omg how cool is that name...get it just for the name!  So yes i know it's another blue but it's such a beauty i couldn't not show it.  I love Misa polish, it applies like a dream most of the time, i don't think i own one misa that gave me any trouble.

This is a neon(ish) blue, i adore neons that are not so bright they are going to blind you but are striking enough to be noticed.  This is definitely one of them polishes!  It does have the neon pigment in this polish because it dries kind of matte, it is transformed when seche vite is applied.  I adored this polish because it has that whole 'plastic' look going on when its dried, i love that!  I must admit i used four coats to get nice even coverage...more coats than i would usually like to wear and i did still have a slight VNL but you know what, i don't even care!

If you don't already own this beauty i say rush out to get it, it is such a lovely colour you simply cant go wrong.  For some of the pics i done some cute flowers on the thumb and ring finger.  I hope you guys like these pics!

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