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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

30 day nails... hare polish asteroid turf

Day four brings us.... ta nails.  As soon as i knew green nails were going to be on the agenda i knew exactly which green it would be...hare polish asteroid turf.

I fell in love with hare polish when i tried afterglow, and this will always be my favourite of the bunch, but this is such a cool colour can any green fan not love?  These polishes are so quirky and cute...colours thrown together that shouldn't 'gel' but they somehow do.

So asteroid turf is a beautiful grassy green jelly polish packed with fushia hex glitter.  The coverage was amazing on this, you could go with 2 coats..i used 3 just to be sure.  The glitters layed lovely and flat against the nail so 1 coat of seche vite and you're good to go.

I am a hare fan and cannot wait to swatch the rest i own...keep tuned!

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