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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hare polish twilight savings

You know you have a winner of a polish when you want to take pictures and post on here immediately....i have one of these moments now my polish lovelies.  This morning i posted hare polish dog day dream, and i said that afterglow blew me away and i didn't think another hare could top that and i was wrong with dog day dream.  Until i decided to try out twilight savings.....OH..... MY..... GOD!!!!  i swear i actually will feel bummed to take this off, it is bloody amazing!

When i got this and i was looking at it in the bottle i loved it don't get me wrong, but with all my nail mail recently there were others i needed to try out first.  I should actually be slapped on my wrist for not trying this earlier....its SOOOOO much better on the nail than in the bottle. 

Twilight savings is a jelly polish with a periwinkle base, thrown into the mix is silver square glitter and to top it off there is some incredibly fine pink/red shimmer in the mix to.  I wish my camera could have captured the shimmer in this but it's just to fine...but in the sunshine you can definitely see it in there.  This is kind of a sheer polish, i decided not to layer it, so for the photos i used 4 coats, but you could layer it and it would look wicked.  I did have to 'fish' a little for the glitter and dab it on to the nail.  When this dried it was proberly the smoothest glitter i have felt, if you were to skip a topcoat with this it wouldn't be a crime (although i always have to have a topcoat...just doesn't feel right without one!).

I am a complete hare polish fan now, all 4 colours i have tried have been beyond outstanding and have surprised me by how lovely they translate onto the nail. Hare polish and i are defo going to be friends for a long time :) xxx

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