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Monday, 3 September 2012

Smitten Polish Strawberry Tart....warning you may fall in love!

This is my second offering of the fab smitten polish, and we are having a peek at Strawberry Tart.  Now i must admit, i lusted after moonbeam dreams and was completely in love the first time i saw it....i think i preferred it to the s/ i have swatched this i am completely thrown as to which one is my favourite!

Tart surprised me to be honest, when i applied this the first coat was sooo sheer, i thought that there was no way the colour would build up to a nice coverage...people i was wrong,  by 3 coats it was nice enough to wear 4 i think it was perfect.  Yes i still had a VNL, but it was no biggie 'cos the polish prettiness more than made up for that.  Layering this would be ideal really...i'm thinking OPI its a girl?!

I really really do adore this polish, it is going to be a staple in my collection from here on in.  It really does remind me of a strawberry smoothie drink..or fluffy light strawberry is a beautiful girlie candy pink with tiny red micro glitter and pink, purple and blue larger hex to add to the sparkle....a fascinating polish that i will definitely wear again.....and for any polish to make it onto my nails twice has gotta be good!  As stated i used 4 coats for the above pics....dry time was lovely as was application.  The glitters layed beautfully meaning i only had to apply 1 coat of seche vite.


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    1. hehe Dimpal, it is beautiful isnt it! thankyou for checking it out xxx

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    1. thankyou kerry, glad you liked it hun, it is a stunner isnt it xxx