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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Dollish Polish Gym Tan Laundry

Lol, another day another blue...Gym Tan Laundry (GTL) by Dollish Polish....i couldn't resist ...look how pretty!

I can't tell you how long i have been drooling over this polish and was made up when i stumbled across it as i thought i would never own it. It has taken over 3 weeks to get to me because i am here in the UK....when it turned up this morning i almost's everything i thought it would be and more!  Looking at the whole bunch of glitters in the bottle made me giddy with excitement, i can report it's even better on the nails than in the bottle!

GTL is made up in a beautiful powder blue base...just such a pretty colour even without the added 'bling'...Mimi is in love with just that alone, then it just gets better when pale blue shimmer is thrown in as well as copper and blue larger hex glitters!

Application was just wonderful, i used 3 coats of this polish to get good coverage and only needed one coat of seche vite to get it perfectly smooth!  Dry time was wonderful to....every time i think i have a favourite blue another comes along and throws me....this one will always be on my top 10 list for sure!


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