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Sunday, 23 September 2012

30 day challenge day 23 snow white nails

Ohhhhhh yay and double yay, today's theme is inspired by a film....and we have for you snow white nails.  I have been looking forward to this category very much, in the beginning i was going to do a vampire theme but  i changed my mind at the last minute....i felt all Disney today!!
I adore Disney, a few days ago i did Cinderella nails and i really enjoyed them, these ones are a bit more intricate than the cinders one and took me longer to do. 

I always intended on adding the stiletto nail for today's challenge, i love it!  It is to represent the evil queen...pointing her gnarly finger at poor snow white, i had such such fun creating the stiletto nail, its something i have never dared attempt before.  I just got a really long nail tip and filed like crazy...being careful not to touch my own nail, as my natural nails are very long....i love my art but i cant sacrifice my own nails! hehe.

On my thumb finger i did a lined shilouette of the famous Disney castle, the castle i dream everyday i could live in...booo..all these princesses surely could move over and let some other chick have a go, so unfair!

My untried for today is the beautiful gily bits Arctic sunrise, the blue background on the castle.  Ohhh do love this colour, supremely shimmery, supremely pretty and supremely girly! I had so much fun creating this manicure and i hope you enjoy it.

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