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Friday, 28 September 2012

30 day 28..flag nails

Awww I'm so sorry guys this has taken me so long to post, i have just missed midnight...bummer!!  But you know what better late than never, and if i do say so myself i think these are a great addition to the fantastic flag nails the rest of the contestants have entered.
I used the fab Daring Digits polish yesterday for a new york giants design so i must admit i did keep 3 fingers painted for this manicure in that polish. 

I wanted to do a little spin the the other plain flags i have done in the past so i thought i would stretch myself and do a traditional underground sign to accompany the flag...the pinnacle of Britishness me thinks!  The giants polish, being predominately red white and blue makes for a perfect touch to draw this look together.  For the base colour i used the amazing OPI dating a royal (another British theme!).
I will just say i wont be posting today's manicure (supernatural) until sunday now as i am off for a well earned night out to the O2 tomorrow to see Micheal Mccintyre with my amazing sister.  So see you guys Sunday! have a fab weekend! xxx