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Friday, 7 September 2012

china glaze, i heard that

A random visit to Sally's yesterday saw me eyeballing the safari collection of China Glaze.  I was quite excited because Sally's have not had any new collections in for ages.  I had to refrain from bagging the lot, so i chose the colour that i knew i didn't have a dupe for.....i bring you, i heard that.

Now usually i am not a lover of pure gold glitter, not on me anyway because it just doesn't suit me this however is a different story.  I know its not completely gold, in fact it's more of a copper colour.  It is packed with red, copper and gold glitter particles with some extra holo thrown in for good measure. 

I didn't layer this as i quite like to try the polish alone first, then i can get ideas for what undies would look cool.  I adored this alone, i used 3 coats and it offered fab coverage, i was surprised by how interesting this looks without a topcoat...i really should have photographed it that was for you as well, but time wasn't on my side.  It dried matte but the combination of glitter colours together made this super cool.  I wouldn't have worn it without topcoat however because it was quite gritty to touch.  When topcoat was! 

This is one beautiful polish that surprised me no end, well done to china glaze for making such a beauties!!

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