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Thursday, 6 September 2012

hare polish ... dog day dream

Deep breaths ladies, i am about to blind you with bling!  Up today is THE most amazing polish, dog day dream by hare polish. 

I have to say i fell in love with these polishes after trying out afterglow, i really didn't think another polish of hers could get any better than that one to be honest...i was wrong!  My sister and i both bought the dog day dream and when she tried hers she phoned me and told to me to try it took me a few days but here we are...wowza!!

Im sorry to ramble but omg i adore the name to! for someone who has her own pooch (Harry, my ruby cavalier king Charles) i just think of him when i look at this!  DDD is a gorgeous deep berry red jelly, with purple, orange and pink square and circular glitter.  The colour glitters in this compliment the base colour so perfectly, its absolutely breathtaking in the camera can never do this justice.

As with the other hare's i have tried application was amazing...i used 3 coats for the undies.  With one coat of seche vite this was super smooth....ding ding, we have a winner.....for now ;) xxxx

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  1. This is such a gorgeous and outstanding polish. Def worth taking a closer look at it. :) Thanks for the swatches :)