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Sunday, 16 September 2012

funky basket case nails

God i LOVE this design its so fresh and fun! Whilst looking through my Wah nail book last night for inspiration for the tribal nails i did, i came across a similar design to this.  I decided to switch up the look a little by only doing the thumb and ring finger and using a contrasting red on my ring finger......what do you guys think?

So im looking at these and loving the overall look but thought i would take it a step further for all those girlies that want that bit of extra summin summin!  I added polka dots to the rest of the nails....

i love the combo of the sharp lines and pretty polkas!  For this look i used Opi dating a royal (omg i totally love this blue!) and for the contrasting red i used nails inc tate.  The lines and polkas were done with just a simple white striper.  Hope you guys like this 'cos i really love it!