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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

nails inc market place , fine sprinkles collection

If you love a lilac/lavender polish with added subtle sparkle you may want to take a seat before you feast your eyes on the pictures i am going to spam you with now.    This is my favourite of the collection (with little portland street coming VERY close second).

It is just a heap of beautifulness wrapped up in a glass bottle!  A lovely soft lilac base colour with dark purple fine glitter and i cant work it out if its dark brown or black ultra fine glitter used for the 'sprinkle' effect..whatever it is it works beautifully together, making a truly stunning polish that i will wear again, its so soft...pretty and feminine, so wearble anytime of the year and for any occasion.

Dry time was i have said prior, all these polishes from this collection dry matte.  Topcoat remedied that and bought about a lovely sparkle.  Application was fantastic on this one to.  The last 2 of this collection are a definite standout for me...only langham street was my  letdown.


  1. I just picked these up from QVC, impressed so far. The finish is unusual but definitely a winner for me

    1. i really liked these, they are good for a little something different arnt they cali....thankyou for checking them out xxxx